Description of the complex

120 km away from Thessaloniki, on the sunny shores of the Greek Sithonia peninsula, washed by the Aegean Sea, among the mountains and olive groves there is a cottage complex Olive Village. It is located in the center of the resort village Paradisos. There are no noisy hotels here, and even in a high season your place on the beach will be always vacant. Houses in the Olive Village complex are arranged so that personal comfort zones are never violated. Here you will have no problems with power supply, water or sewerage — all the communications are centralized and duplicated with autonomous supply. The complex provides an enclosed parking.


The cottage complex Olivia Village has a very favorable location. It is within a walking distance from a large supermarket. On the way towards the complex there is a fish shop, where you will always find a big variety of fresh seafood, as well as a grocery, where you can buy a couple of hot croissants, fresh bread, or have a cup of coffee.

5-minutes walk away there is a small town of Neos Marmaras. There, you can rent a car or a boat, moor a yacht, or, if necessary, withdraw some cash at the local branches of European banks, dine in one of cozy cafes and restaurants. Early in the morning you can visit a colorful Mediterranean market, where the locals will offer you fresh seafood, fruit, vegetables and traditional Greek products.

You can make a good tradition to have breakfast in the mountain village of the Parthenon, which is located nearby. A stunning view opens from here upon the coastal beautiful surroundings. The history of the village dates back almost a thousand years.

There are golf courses, tennis grounds, football field and scenic bicycle paths in the territory of the nearby Grand Hotel Porto Carras for lovers of outdoor activities. There is also a diving center, a horse riding and a sailing club club there.

The Olivia Village is a place where you yourself are an architect of your holiday. But what is the most important, each of the cottage complex houses are just a few dozens meters from the Aegean Sea!

Selecting a house

There are 2 types of houses in the Olive Village complex. All cottages are built under a strictly state-regulated construction projects, and ready to move in. The houses are furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, etc., as well as all the plumbing installed. The interior is designed in a European style with the use of high quality materials of well-known manufacturers. The houses have satellite TV, telephone and WI-FI. Each house has its own land plot with landscape design works completed. The project declaration permits installation of a fireplace and a heating system. Thus, the holiday complex Olive Village may be suitable for living throughout the year. Just allow yourself more holidays.


Halkidiki,N.Marmara, Paradisos
+30(697) 837 4269
+30(237) 507 1631